About us


Ecommerce is everywhere and everyone wants to have their own online store, to be at its best for their customers and earn good profit.

Where do we fit in?

We are software consultants into freelancing by name Pibblu, who develops prestashop modules. Our modules  helps to customize, simplify the online store, increase traffic, improve conversion rate and build customer loyalty.

Our Beginning & Mission

December 2013, yes that’s when Pibblu took its first step in the industry based on our 10+ years of IT experience.  Over the years, we kept improvising our self and are still updating our self, in the ever changing field of ecommerce.

Be transparent & deliver quality modules to make online stores more flexible for the merchants & customers


Perfect!! the module is what i wanted and they did things to solve some problems that i was having with my template. Great!!, ill buy them again.


Totally Awesome Support with awesome module! If you're looking for a Cash On Delivery Module, this is best!.